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          外贸网站制作案例-JIANGSU RYLISION STEEL

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          Jiangsu Rylision Stainless Steel Co., Ltd was established in 2009 ,as a professianl company with combined service covering trade and processing of stainless steel coil ,sheet, rod ect,supported by ready stocks to meet requirements of prompt shipment.

          With years growth,we had achieved strategic cooperation with many stainless steel mills,including TISCO,BAOSTEEL,POSCO(ZPSS) and others prime grade.

          We have 2000 square meters of storage and processing center which covered equipment using in slitting, cutting in horizontal, laser cutting , plasma and grinding machine and embossing machine.

          We mainly sell stainless steel sheet, pipes, coils, bands, section bars and so on which are applied in decoration, medical industry, food industry, construction industry etc, and have gained gain good feedback and establish mutual trust with our clients. According to your requirement we can process brushed film, 6k, 8k mirror, polishing, yellow titanium, black titanium, rose gold, no fingerprint, and all kinds of colored stainless steel sheet.






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